Month: June 2018

World Oceans Day Musical Sketch

Here’s a musical sketch with accompanying video in celebration of World Oceans Day 2018. The music is for piano and electronics and was composed by me especially for this year’s event.
The visuals manipulate samples from The Smog of the Sea (Ian Cheney, Brushfire Films, 2016) and Cousteau’s Ten Fathoms Deep (Periscope Film digitisation of the Castle Films source, c. 1943).

It’s been a lot of fun making the piece over the last couple of weeks and thank you to everyone who’s tracked the progress this week. I’ll be expanding the material into a larger composition over the next few months so get ready for further posts.

Here’s looking forward to joining in and following the World Oceans Day activities today. It’s @WorldOceansDay if you’re not already following and check out the World Oceans Day website.

Have a good one.



Towards World Oceans Day. Musical, and other, developments

Some short videos of the preparations towards the musical sketch for World Oceans Day.
Here I’m trying out some musical ideas, and making a shorthand graphic for the piece to sharpen my ideas.
Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been playing with sounds and textures while simultaneously becoming more aware of the central theme of this year’s World Oceans Day, plastic pollution, and how entwined many of us are in the steady accumulation of plastic in our seas. There’s a lot of action in this area, particularly this week, such as #OnePlasticFreeDay.

W.O.D. June 2018 Sketch 2 from GW8 on Vimeo.

World Oceans Day 2018

World Oceans Day

Hello, welcome to my World Oceans Day postings. Actually making these postings was a surprise to me  – because even though I have a plan for a large project connected with World Oceans Day 2019, there was nothing projected for this year. But as I began putting things in place for the future, I got the feeling that I wanted to do something, at least small, for this year – hence this impromptu musical sketch. It’s for piano and live electronics with accompanying visuals.

What is World Oceans Day? Well, this is from the organisers’ website:

On World Oceans Day, people around our blue planet celebrate and honor the ocean, which connects us all. Get together with your family, friends, community, and the planet to start creating a better future. Working together, we can and will protect our shared ocean. Join this growing global celebration on 8 June!

So, the following postings from me, plus the musical sketch are a small contribution to the celebration of our oceans.

There’s more to be discovered on the official World Oceans Day website: