Another Place

By May 20, 2016 June 1st, 2019 No Comments

So, I’m at the beginning of a new journey – with the fabulously talented and ideal collaborators Vonnegut Collective (violin and trumpet), long time working partner Joe Stathers (video projections) and new colleagues Animikii Theatre (physical movement).

Our first public outing is on 22 May at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation in Manchester where we’ll give the breath of life to ‘Another Place’ for musicians and video projections. Joe’s visuals are of the Gormley installation at Crosby, and for the performance Gary and Gemma will be improvising my guide score while I pull some electronic strings in the background. We’ve found the iron men installation a kaleidoscopic source of inspiration, and at the moment we’re making smallish scale studies of particular elements. One of the most intriguing compositional angles for me has been how to make my voice heard (as yet, not literally) as a composer when working with improvising musicians and in particular in this case in tandem with the fixed media of video. It’s about how to retain all the best bits in making precisely coordinated music and film, the moments when the illusory ‘third thing’ appears, while adding in the spontaneity and the feeling of being in the moment produced by improvisation. Working with instrumentalists as individuals has long been a source of  creativity for me, and I find myself constantly surprised with how different each musician’s work can be. I probably shouldn’t be, though I expect I will be, on Sunday.