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New Music North West 2016

By February 10, 2016 June 1st, 2019 No Comments

January has been a busy month with two premieres in the New Music North West festival and involvement as a conductor and, for the first time in public, as a percussionist!

The larger of the premieres was ‘Aperture’ for alto sax and interactive electronics, a site-influenced composition guided by sounds and images taken from a mediaeval site in England’s North West.

A few words from the programme note:

‘The lure of creating new sounds and musical interactions in my compositions pulls me in ever more strongly,  as does the challenge of devising answers to the new questions the [electronic] medium asks in each piece. …Aperture, raises the question of what do we mean by ‘composition’ – so much here is left to the performer to make his own musical decisions in the moment. …Here my compositional energy has been gone towards creating a responsive electronic environment for [the performer] to explore and in which he must discover the ‘rules’ under which it operates. As the rules become clear his task is to probe the environment’s limits and push its boundaries as far as he can. He must uncover, and play, the game.’