Arrival at the Engine Room


Gavin Wayte

Video Artist
Joe Stathers

Jennifer Langridge, Psappha

Immersive live performance

About the Artists

Gavin Wayte is a multi-media composer and Fellow
in Creative and Professional

Joe Stathers, ‘Weaver of Light’, is a freelance video projection and lighting designer

Jennifer Langridge is the cellist for Psappha who specialise in the performance of work by living composers

Arrival at the Engine Room

Arrival at the Engine Room is the centrepiece of a collaborative project between me, video artist Joe Stathers and Jennifer Langridge, cellist from the ensemble Psappha, in partnership with the venue Metal Culture, funded by Arts Council England.

For this project we were based at Metal Culture studios in Liverpool, located on a working railway station, in fact the oldest working passenger station in the world, where Stephenson’s Rocket departed from on its maiden voyage to Manchester.

We worked on new ways of combining music, video and live performance, leading to a unique performance using live projected visuals and interactive, surround sound to create a completely immersive performance.
As we played with ambient sounds from around the station and videos of trains taken from the platforms and archival footage, an unexpected narrative on the passage of time developed.